Adoption Guidelines.

If your current or pasts dogs aren’t on heartworm preventative then you will be denied. No exceptions.

The $25 Application Fee is a donation and is Non-Refundable.

You MUST be over 21 years old. and MUST reside in the state of Florida.

You MUST NOT be a first time pet owner.

You MUST provide vet contact info and MUST have a verifiable vet history. Vet MUST verify your animals are/where up to date with vaccinations, spayed or neutered and on heart worm prevention .

You MUST be financially able to provide adequate shelter, care, food, medicine and medical attention.

Your current animals MUST all be indoor house pets.

You MUST consent to a home check to ensure that your home is a safe and suitable environment for the animal.

To adopt a large breed dog such as a Siberian Husky your home MUST have an adequately fenced yard (6′ or higher) with a secured gate.

If you are looking to adopt a dog under 6 months of age and you have a pool, a pool fence is a requirement

If you are looking to adopt a dog you must be within your county requirements for the number of dogs allowed at your residence.

While we do not typically approve applicants who live in condos or apartments, we do make exceptions in special circumstances.

All members of the household MUST agree to the addition of the new dog and MUST be present along with any current dog(s) to complete the adoption.