How to Pay the Required Application Fee With Paypal.

Making the required donation for our adoption application through PayPal is easy and secure. You DON’T need a PayPal account to be able to make the donation.

At the end of the adoption application you’ll click ‘Submit Application’ to be redirected to the PayPal window. You should exit the PayPal window until you’ve successfully made the donation or you will need to submit your app again.

If You Don’t Have a PayPal Account or Just Want to Pay With a Debit/Credit Card.

In this case you’ll do guest checkout and enter your card, billing, shipping, and contact info.

Enter Card Info
Enter Billing Info
Enter Shipping Info

Once you’ve entered your card, billing, shipping, and contact info you can click ‘Pay Now’ to make the donation.

If You Do Have a PayPal Account.

You’ll log-in to your PayPal account and make the donation that way. You’ll select a payment method and then click ‘Pay Now’.

Log In to Your PayPal Account
Select Payment Method
Click Pay Now to Finish Donation

Payment Confirmation.

You will know the payment went through if you see the following message. A receipt will also be sent to the email included in the contact info section, or the email on file with your PayPal account.

As long as you see the ‘You Paid $25.00’ message then your application was submitted.