Microchip & Return Policy.

All dogs are micro-chopped with GTS Husky Rescue as the owner for life prior to the dog being released for adoption.

Please note: We do not allow the update of micro-chip owner information so that any of our dogs that later end up in a shelter are returned to us.

If you adopt a GTS dog and the dog is lost you must notify GTS immediately using our Contact GTS page

  • Failure to notify GTS that your adopted dog is missing demonstrates a lack of desire on your part to have the dog returned to you and a lack of commitment to the animal.  As such failure to notify GTS immediately after the dog is lost will result in you forfeiting your rights to the dog and application fee and adoption fee donations will not be refunded.

  • GTS will only notify adopters that the dog they adopted has been found and returned to GTS from a shelter or vet if we were already notified by you that the dog was missing.

GTS reserves the right not to return dogs that end up in a shelter to the adopter at our discretion.

  • Before returning any lost dog to an adopter GTS will need to gain a understanding of how the dog was lost resulting in it ending up in a shelter where it may have been euthanized.