Please welcome 2 year old Max to our rescue!! Max has been let down terribly by humans, and he has been constantly adopted out and dumped back at Miami Dade Animal Services. Max has had no stability and he has been returned just weeks after being in a home.

Max had no structure, and he has minor aggression issues that are being worked on in professional training. He does not like when you put a slip lead leash over his head, but he does amazing on walks! He also does not like to be put in the crate. This is likely due to abuse in his previous homes. He is being worked with in training daily to overcome these issues.

Max gets along great with other big dogs and he has a more submissive personality. Max LOVES to be with humans and he is always craving human attention. Max needs a strong husky-experienced home who can continue to provide structure.

We believe he will be ready for his forever home after a month of training. The trainers will help guide whoever adopts him by providing a couple free training lessons in order to make the transition into a new home as smoothly as possible.