Please welcome Novia to our ranch!!! Novia had a rough life before we saved her. She was found as a stray in Texas and ended up at a shelter. She had 2 bulging eyes, hair loss, and hot spots. She was found with milk still coming out of her, and therefore she was most likely used for breeding then dumped.

Novia is around 6 years old and she is very sweet and calm. She went to an emergency clinic and had surgery for her eyes. She is mostly blind, but we were able to save her eyes and she is no longer in pain from all the pressure and is no longer having eye spikes. She will need eye drops twice a day.

Even though she is blind, she still is very alert and aware of her surroundings. She is now healthier, happier,  and she really has a heart of gold. She is cat friendly, and good with small dogs