Avery & Greyson | Volunteer Spotlight

About the Volunteers.

Volunteering Since: February 2018.
Volunteer Activities: Ranch, events, website/newsletter management, other miscellaneous tasks when needed.
How I Discovered GTS: a roommate at Palm Beach Atlantic University volunteered with GTS for a class project and encouraged us to apply to volunteer.
Fun Fact: we’re identical twins, and our dogs we adopted have identical bi-colored eyes. People often think Luna & Sebastian are related.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost 3 years since my brother and I started volunteering with GTS Husky Rescue. In that time, my brother and I have adopted two amazing dogs (Luna and Sebastian) from GTS, logged countless hours helping at both the ranch and events, and have been given so many unique opportunities to promote the welfare of dogs and further GTS’s cause. 

Our relationship with GTS began in the February of 2018. My brother and I were Juniors at Palm Beach Atlantic University and needed to fulfill the community service hours required by PBA. Through a roommate we were made aware of a husky rescue called GTS that he had just done some community service hours with. It wasn’t long before we applied to volunteer and were quickly approved to come to the ranch. The rest, as they say, was history.

From helping out at the ranch we also started doing the Downtown West Palm Beach Greenmarkets (remember those?), and helping out as much as we could. The nice part of being in college was that we had ample free time and when we weren’t studying really really hard, we poured as much time into volunteering as we could muster. GTS could have just been another entry on our community service logs, but instead it quickly became a meaningful part of our college years and beyond.

Part of what makes volunteering at GTS such an impactful experience is that you get to see, first-hand, the unfiltered plight of so many dogs in need of rescue. GTS doesn’t just save the ‘easy’ ones. GTS pups have been saved from all manner of horrible, unfair, and unfathomable situations from across the country and the world. I have always been in awe at the lengths the rescue goes to care for and rehabilitate our pups so they are ready for their forever homes; anything is pursued, from expensive medical procedures, to costly professional training.

My brother and I are also very grateful because we were given the opportunity to bond with Luna and Sebastian long before we adopted them. 

Luna came into to GTS in the December of 2018. She had originally been rescued from a busy highway by good samaritans in Puerto Rico and eventually was transported to GTS.

As with basically any dog at GTS, we knew right away we wanted to adopt her but had to wait until we were out of college. Until our graduation in May of 2019, Luna was one of our favorite dogs to take to events thanks to her calm demeanor, and amiable disposition. I kid you not, the day we moved out of college housing in May we also picked Luna up and adopted her.

Sebastian came to GTS from Georgia in the August of 2018 thanks to Pilots ’n Paws. He came in with a very noticeable limp which he had probably had his entire life, and had been surrendered by his previous owners because of it. Thankfully GTS got him the medical attention he needed and he had his legs fully corrected. 

Sebastian was also a frequent event dog. Ironically, he and I were usually at odds at events regarding how many dogs I’d let him go up to. In the September of 2019 we adopted him. Before being adopted, Sebastian had been fostered by our good friends and fellow GTS volunteers. We are immensely grateful for the amazing foster experience they gave him.

For anyone interested in getting involved with GTS I cannot recommend it enough. If you are ready to apply, you can access our volunteer application here.

To keep up with Luna & Sebastian you can follow their instagram.