GTS in the News.

Lucky — The Dodo

Our very own Lucky was featured on The Dodo twice to call attention to her dire situation, and her subsequent rescue by good samaritans & GTS.

Her second Dodo appearance focuses on her new life with an amazing adopter.

Other media coverage:
Abandoned husky getting much needed TLC — ABC25 WPBF

Husky found abandoned in small cage —

Abandoned husky recovering in Palm Beach County — WPBTV5

Abandoned husky with prosthetic legs ready for adoption — CBS 12

Alma — CBS12 News

GTS alumni Alma’s journey from Greenville, SC to our rescue was also covered by CBS12.

‘Game of Thrones’ likely to blame for abandoned Siberian huskies — CBS12 News

GTS was featured in a great CBS12 piece on the issue of the ‘Dalmatian Effect’ that Huskies are suffering due to shows like Game of Thrones and other media.

Jupiter residents rescue Siberian huskies from Georgia — Palm Beach Post

GTS Husky Rescue’s founder, Natalie Lucia, was featured in a 2014 profile of the Husky rescue efforts of Jupiter residents.


GTS is also regularly featured on KunoPetAdoptions, a platform for showcasing videos related to adoptable dogs.