Kaylin | Volunteer Spotlight

I started volunteering four and half years ago with Gaisha Tundra And Spirits Place, also known as GTS Husky Rescue. I first found GTS at a Paws in the Park West Palm Beach event in February 2016, where I found my first rescue dog Ava! After adopting Ava, I decided to get involved by volunteering.

The first year I did a Petsmart event every Saturday, where we would bring two adoptable GTS dogs to Petsmart to help them get adopted. I also helped with ranch work weekly, which included walking dogs, dog baths, cleaning kennels, and spending quality time with the GTS dogs who were looking for forever homes. After a couple months, I adopted my second GTS rescue dog Diamond.

Throughout college, I would bring a GTS dog on CBS 12 news every Wednesday morning to be featured as Pet Of The Day! Then I decided to put my Public Relations major to work by taking over the GTS social media, writing press releases, and getting GTS featured regularly on the local news for a full segment just on our rescue.

I now coordinate all the events, fundraising opportunities, pulling dogs from kill shelters, fosters, volunteers, home checks, and I even handle phone interviews. I was also able to get one of our special dog’s rescue & rehabilitation story, Lucky, to be featured on the Dodo which is a HUGE world wide animal platform. Her story has now reached over 30 million views, so it is really amazing to see how far we have come as a rescue. I am now highly involved and I dedicate a lot of my free time to help GTS dogs find forever homes.

Once I moved into a house, I adopted a third GTS rescue dog named Jax. Since living in my house for about two years, I have fostered 13 dogs. Fostering saves lives and our rescue dogs extremely benefit by being in a home environment! Yes, I am that crazy husky lady who runs four dogs at a time! My pack is also really great at teaching my fosters how to behave in order to get them ready for their forever home.

GTS has forever changed my life and I am always looking for more opportunities to improve our rescue! Each dog I have met throughout the years has permanently imprinted my heart, and it is amazing to know that I do a huge big part of helping them find their perfect forever homes.

I nominated Jax to win America’s Favorite Pet Contest, and if I win I am donating the full $5,000 back to the rescue! You can vote once a day for free! Please vote for Jax !! He helps so many other fosters come out of their shell and he is a great dog! Please click the link to vote for Jax! https://americasfavpet.com/2020/jax-e49e

To keep up with Ava, Diamond, and Jax you can follow their instagram page.